Cyber security academy: education & training services to outmanoeuvre your attackers.

The Village Tech cyber security aca demy provides education, knowledge & skills training services specialising in technologies, processes and controls designed to protect systems, networks, programmes, devices and data from cyber attacks. Courses cover various security services that include identification, authentification, authorisation, confidentiality, integrity and privacy. Other areas of specialisation include fundamental concepts of threats, vulnerabilities, risks and countermeasures; the mechanisms that are used to implement different security services( such as encryption and hash codes); regulatory measures (such as the NIST Framework)

Courses blend lectures with hands-on lab exercises. Sandbox environment lets students work with real malware risk-free.

All instructors are seasoned cyber security veterans. With this extensive front-line experience students will gain first-hand knowledge of attacker TTPs, tools and malware. Our courses teach proven methodologies for detecting and responding to attacks.


.Instructor-led, online and eLearning courses

.Highly skilled instructors with broad, front-line industry, and government experience

.Course content based on real-world investigations, not theoretical scenarios

.Realistic scenarios in simulated environments featuring the latest attacker TTPs

.Courses available worldwide with regionally located consultants

.Consistent educational and exercise methodologies

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