About Us

Village Tech Training Solutions is a registered training and skills development service provider which was founded in 2015 with the main aim of assisting our society to address the high unemployment problem and skills shortage especially amongst the youth, rural societies, women and persons living with disabilities.

Primary focus

Our primary focus is:

• ICT and technology qualifications
• Promoting and creating access to technology training across the country
• Providing a platform for people interested in careers in ICT

Skills development

We also assist companies with skills development intiatives,strategies, implementation and administration.


ICT skills training

We are especially passionate about ICT skills training as any and every industry now uses some form of technology to produce goods and supply services.


Training Interventions

All our training interventions are aimed at creating a generation of confident and competennt individuals who work smarter, efficiently and are able to participate positively in the workplace

Our Enabling Partners

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