We welcome you to come through to our campus and speak to a student advisor today who can assist you to identify your academic values and goals, consistent with your capabilities, interest and educational background so that you can make the right decision for your future. Please ensure that you make an appointment.

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Contact our sales and marketing team. For further assistance on:

  • Our courses
  • Learning paths
  • What direction to study
  • Career prospects
  • How to further your studies

Payment Options

At Village Tech we appreciate the importance of a good quality education, however we are also aware that at times this worthwhile investment is and can be a rather expensive burden. It is our aim to make education accessible and affordable to all who are interested in furthering their studies, hence we have a couple of finance options to alleviate some of the expensive burden.

Once Off Payments

We offer the following payment plans and payment platform options:

  1. EFT
    • Bank EFT
    • Instant EFT using online banking services and other devices
  2. Pay on invoice
    • Invoices or statements with multiple payment options
  3. Payment Plans
    • We offer a payment plan on selected courses


We offer discounts on upfront cash payments of total course fee.
We offer a payment options over 3, 6 or 12 months Deposit.
We require a minimum deposit of 20% on selected courses Examination & Certification.
Candidates will only be allowed to enter examinations if a considerable amount of their fees have been paid- (this condition excludes all international certification short programmes).
A Certificate will only be issued once the final payment has been made, and all fees are up to date.

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