Support Learning with Technology ™- a Paradigm Shift

by | Oct 27, 2021 | Blog

Support Learning with Technology ™ is a SACE endorsed  training program designed by Village Tech that focuses on preparing Educators to use modern technology and, importantly, to integrate ICT into their classrooms.

By focusing specifically on the integration of ICTs into the teaching and learning environment in line with technological advancements in other industries, Support Learning with Technology ™ covers a myriad of important content to empower Educators in the use of technology and by extension, empower their students too!

Importantly, Support Learning with Technology ™ is 100% endorsed by South African Council of Educators (SACE) and will earn Educators who complete the course 15 CPTD points towards their professional profile as Educators.

This win-win scenario means that by using the powerful tools of technology Educators feel empowered to teach in the 21st Century as well as enhancing their own qualified educator profile, and scholars are exposed to modern technology which is critical as we move further into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Digital Age).

For a more in-depth analysis of the importance of technology training read Bontle Ramatsestse’s thought-leadership blog as she explores the current education landscape and why Educators need ICT training.

Support Learning with Technology ™ – Objectives and Summary

Our Educator Training Programme is designed to equip Educators with a holistic understanding of the key concepts and benefits of using ICT to support and enhance teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom.

Support Learning with Technology ™ will enable Educators to identify the ICT resources  that are available and tech course attended how to use this technology.

Because technology moves so fast in the modern age, Educators will also be taught how to source and evaluate ICT resources and understand safety and security pertaining to the use of technology.

The programme has been developed with input from experts in the areas of teaching practice and IT user skills to empower Educators to adopt technology in the classroom.

Learning Objectives at a glance

  • The significance of Technology in everyday life
  • Evaluate current technologies that can be utilized to digitalize Learning
  • Benefits of using technology to Support teaching
  • Evaluating instructional strategies
  • Use ICT to be an Effective Educator

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