Considering an IT Career? Then read this first

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Blog

As a registered training and skills development service provider we receive daily enquiries about the prospect of embarking on an IT career.

Let’s get the basic jargon out the way first because there are so many people interested in an IT career, but often find all the fancy terms a little daunting, but it need not be.

IT means Information Technology and ICT means Information and Communications Technology.

Simply put, computers are used to store information, perform tasks and facilitate communication.

Just think of your Smartphone that you may very well be using right now to read this blog.

You use your phone to store information such as photos, text messages, videos, contacts etc and you use it to communicate via messenger services such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, SMS etc. In fact even if you make a phone call this is now done using a computer software app.

A Smartphone is a mini-computer with operating system software on it which talks to the electronics inside the device and uses apps (software programs) to do all the things you want to use it for.

An actual computer as you may know it, no matter whether it is a home personal computer (PC) or a massive mainframe computer at a company, essentially works on the same principle of an operating system, and software (apps) that are installed to perform the functions needed.

This basic concept is the same for most modern day electronic devices. Televisions, TV streaming boxes, DSTV decoders, gaming consoles and many, many other electronic devices that you may be familiar with, all have an operating system to talk to the electronic circuits and an app so that you can tell the device what to do.

So, when you embark on an IT career, the opportunities are endless.

Technology is part of everyday life and learning the skills to work in any part of this extremely broad industry can provide one with a rewarding career path that will be safe for years to come.

Reasons to consider an IT Career

Village Tech offers a wide range of ICT courses that cover a broad spectrum of career options as well as courses to equip one with being able to use office software or simply how to use a computer efficiently.  

If you are interested in an IT career, but are not too sure, here are 5 good reasons to get serious and learn the skills to enter this dynamic and growing industry.

It’s a safe career choice

Computers are everywhere as we explained earlier. In fact it is forecasted that more and more of our everyday lives will become dependent on technology and as this happens, more technicians, skilled computer operators and specialists are needed.

The Information and Technology sector continues to experience growth and runs zero risk of becoming obsolete.

An IT Career offers many diverse opportunities

Whether you choose to have an actual career in IT, or you simply use the skills in another job, having IT expertise gives you a foundation to be more efficient in so many industries today, because computers and technology are used everywhere.

The IT industry itself though, is extremely diverse and there are so many different levels of expertise required that there is literally a job for anyone who is prepared to apply themselves.

It pays well

The IT industry pays well.

This is because it is a constantly evolving industry so the learning never ever stops. It is also an industry in which certain sectors within IT, are always in high demand.

If you are prepared to continue to upskill then this is a career path that offers continued growth and financial reward as you continue to gain higher certifications.

Work anywhere in the world

Computers and technology all work the same no matter where you are in the world!

Other than a language barrier for some countries, having ICT credentials makes you employable anywhere.

Positive, inclusive and unique culture

You may have heard the word ‘tech geek,’ before.

Well, you don’t have to be one. But one of the most endearing qualities of the IT industry is that it has a history for being quite unique and inclusive.

Tech people have one thing in common. Their love for technology and their understanding of how to use it.

Whether you enjoy working in a team or collaboratively, whether you like working with people or prefer working alone, an IT career offers all of the above.

It is also an industry equipped for remote work and many IT professionals based in South Africa actually work for overseas companies, never going to an office.

So, extrovert or introvert, team player or individual, this is indeed a vocational path that is unique and immensely rewarding.

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