Why ICT Training is so important

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Blog

ICT Training is essential in the 21st Century.

ICT, an acronym for Information and Communication Technology, is the term used to describe all the technologies and services required for computing, data management, telecommunications and, of course the internet.

Not only is ICT present everywhere, this sector of industry has an immense impact on global economies. A recent Yahoo finance report suggests that the industry will grow to $9 billion in 2022 and will be valued at $13 billion in 2026.

So, what does a market this size require? Qualified ICT professionals.

While some staid industries shrink every year, Information and Communication Technology continues to grow and when one considers how present technology is in everyday life, it is no surprise.

ICT Training is the key to long-term employment

Today almost everything we do is linked to technology. Our daily communication uses technology, our daily entertainment uses technology and businesses have streamlined their processes with the use of Information Technology.

While many people take access to modern ICT technology for granted having grown up around laptops, smartphones and gaming devices, there is a significant digital divide, both globally and in South Africa, between those of privilege who have had access from an early age to technology, and the many who have not, both young and old.

Even the basic use of technology can be very challenging for too many people in South Africa, still.

This is why ICT Training is so vitally important. On a holistic level empowering people with ICT skills closes the gap between those that have easy access to Information and Communication Technology, and those that don’t.

It also empowers people to become employable, increase their earning potential and future proof their careers.

There are so many job opportunities in ICT, and there is a significant skills shortage in South Africa.

Whether your interest is hardware, software, communication systems or simply to use technology to be more efficient in one’s job, we believe that ICT training should be a mandatory requirement in today’s education system.

This is why Village Tech has introduced its Educator Training programme endorsed by South African Council of Educators (SACE) to provide training and development to qualified Educators across South Africa.

Our vision is for all South Africans to be able to use technology to improve their lives and this should not only start at tertiary level.

We cannot, however, turn back the clock, but we can help empower those that are ready to embrace technology and improve their job prospects.

Benefits of ICT skills

Technology is designed to improve and enhance productivity, not hinder it. Having the correct ICT training will improve your overall performance in the workplace, improve your confidence and help you further your career.

A skilled workforce is a productive workforce. Simply put, being able to use technology efficiently means a higher level of output within a company.

Access to technology and being confident and knowledgeable in how to use it also equates to access to knowledge itself. While libraries and books still exist in conventional terms, up to date information, training resources and even where to find a job, is largely all done digitally nowadays.

Village Tech offers end to end training and skills development services to corporates, clients and the community at large.

By partnering with a wide variety of subject matter experts from across many industries we have designed and developed suitable and quality training interventions that ensure our students are equipped and empowered to contribute positively to any organisation, the economy and community at large.

Have a look at the courses we offer and take charge of your future today.